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What is a podiatrist?

What a podiatrist is it’s a physician, surgeon. Again, we specialize specifically in any patient suffering with foot or ankle ailments or disorders. We do both conservative and surgical intervention for anyone suffering with pain. We treat people ranging from pediatrics to the geriatric population. We do a lot of sport medicine, trauma injuries or just your normal patients that have painful bumps or burning, shooting pain in their feet, a lot of times from a nerve entrapment or neuropathy component. And we deal with any dermatological issues related to the foot or ankle, such as like fungal nails or warts or ingrown nails and that type of thing. So that’s pretty much what we do here as foot and ankle specialists.


Do podiatrists have as much schooling and knowledge as a primary care doctor? What kind of schooling and training do they have?

Yes. We have to go through first a four year under graduate program, which I did over at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan. Then from there we go onto to medical school, which for us is specialized specifically in podiatric medicine. But our first two years we take classes with actual MD and DO students and the curriculum is the same.

However, our last two years of medical school is specialized specifically pretty much in foot and ankle. We even have an extra gross anatomy class that’s specialized where we just focus on the lower extremity. And our rotations specialize in foot and ankle as well.

Then we go on and do a residency program, usually one up to three years. Most people nowadays are going a three year residency, which I highly recommend for the physicians and surgeons. That’s what I did. I did a three year surgical residency in foot and ankle. You’re looking at least four years undergrad, four years med school and then usually three years of a residency program.

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Dr. Anthony Weinert

Anthony Weinert, DPM, FACFAS, FACCWS is a double board certified foot and ankle specialist with office locations in both Warren and Troy, Michigan. Dr. Weinert is a physician and surgeon of the foot and ankle who believes in providing his patients with the most state of the art treatments in a patient friendly environment. He believes in providing quality patient care and safety and was honored with being one of the first foot and ankle specialty centers in Michigan to receive accreditation by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) which is the gold standard in healthcare for providing patient care and safety.  He believes in the philosophy of patient education for their foot and ankle disorders and also believes to treat every patient the way he would like to be treated.

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