“Had a great first time visit at Dr.Weinert’s office. He quickly diagnosed my foot problem. Then found another issue I was not aware of. He was very professional. The staff was extraordinary and I felt a great connection with them. I will be coming back very soon to get fitted for PedAlign inserts. Thanks for keeping me on my feet!”

- Nick Jones

“Last May 2013, I had toe surgery by Dr. Weinert at his Troy office location. I was very impressed with his facility and his entire staff. Dr. Weinert is very friendly and makes the patient feel at ease. He and his staff were very accommodating in every way, and I would highly recommend Dr. Weinert for any podiatry concerns.”

- Sandra R

“Now let me see hmmm, my experience and every time I see Dr Weinert for an office visit is a delightful experience, his professional, dedication and knowledge is to be commended. The team of young ladies also true professionals are an true asset to the Doctor as well as his office! Dr. Weinert, Donna, Tina, and Stacy and the kindest, warmest,funny and most caring people there is. As far so taking care of me as a patient, Just Perfect!! The office is just the Best atmosphere with the best people working there. Thank You Dr. Weinert, Stacy, Donna, and Tina for being who you are!”

- Carol Walker

“My daughter Dana, had feet that were pronating/ leaning inward, which were causing pain to her feet and knees. Dr. Weinert suggested surgery, a sinus tarsi implant. Given Dana’s age,12, I was skeptical. But, with research about this and Dr. Weinert’s helpfulness, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. Dana had one foot done first, it was a fast surgery and the recovery was quick. She had the other foot done 6 months later, and it has been the BEST thing that we could have done for her. Her feet are perfect now and no pain!!! She can Ice Skate again, and do all sorts of activities. Thank you very much Dr. Weinert and your caring staff”

- Dawn Apfel

“Dr. Anthony Weinert’s office in Warren is the best choice to anyone seeking to Stop Feet Pain Fast! From the first step in the door to your more comfortable step out, he and his exceptional staff will take good care of you. They’ve taken care of me from day one when I hobbled in with unbearable toe pain. I now walk pain free due to his smart plan for my foot care. I just had a surgical procedure with Dr. Weinert 9 days ago and I am walking pain free today. I only missed a few days at work and was back on the job within 5 days of the surgery. I’m very happy that I listened to the recommendation I received to visit Dr. Weinert, you should too!”

- Gerald Longe

“Dr. Weinert is an amazing podiatrist. I came to Dr. Weinert for an ingrown toenail, but in talking to Dr. Weinert about some other issues I’ve been having I found that I’m a candidate for a procedure called Hyprocure. I’ve been reviewing the videos on his youtube and on other youtube channels, and I’m amazed. Chronic foot pain has kept me from enjoying so much in life- walking the dog, going on shopping trips, etc. When I get this done I’ll be able to do all of those, foot pain free. How is this not more widely utilized?? Dr. Weinert is a wonderful man, and I’m absolutely ecstatic that he suggested the procedure to me, otherwise I would have never known about it.”

- Lynda Mikulski

” Wow! What can I say but top notch care in such a friendly environment. Dr. Weinert was so… Wow! What can I say but top notch care in such a friendly environment. Dr. Weinert was so compassionate and so nice as I was a little nervous going to the foot doctor for my first time. He explained everything so thoroughly and educated me on my neuropathy and foot problems. This was by far the best experience ever at any doctors office I have ever been to so far and I am almost 50 years old. I felt compelled to write this review for anyone looking for a top notch and very professional compassionate foot and ankle specialist. The staff was very friendly from the time I stepped in to the time I stepped out of the office. I was also impressed at all the updated gadgets and equipment he had in the office. I will definitely be happy to recommend anyone to see Dr. Weinert and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Hope this helps”

- Jamie L.

“You know you’re getting great service when you turn to Yelp after a long period of absence.

Dr. Weinert is the ONLY podiatrist I trust. I started seeing him after some pretty severe foot pain issues, which a few other doctors had written off and given me massive amounts of pain medicine for. Basically I was told this was something I’d have to deal with, and deal with it pharmaceutically and with some awful orthotics that didn’t seem to do much besides irritate me. I started doing my own internet research and found Dr. Weinert relatively close to home, and decided to see him.


He explained that a lot of my pain was due to flat feet (the pain radiated up into my knees, hips, and back- I had thought they were all separate issues), and that there was a 15 minute surgical procedure that he could perform to correct them. The procedure is called Hyprocure, and Dr. Weinert is a master Hyprocure surgeon. Naturally, I was nervous- but I listened to what he had to say, watched a video of how the surgery works, and decided to move forward with it. There was virtually NO downtime, and my pain is 100% improved. Basically, it’s a stent device that’s places in the soft tissue of your foot between the heel bone and ankle bone, stabilizing the foot and preventing everything else in your body from correspondingly getting out-of-whack. My life has truly been changed for the better from the Hyprocure procedure, expertly performed by Dr. Weinert.

Apparently I’m not the only one who’d benefited from the procedure: Dr. Weinert maintains a page on his website with video testimonials from former patients who have benefited from Hyprocure. stopfeetpainfast.com/mis…

Additionally, I feel comfortable recommending him to friends & family. He takes a variety of insurance (always important), goes to great lengths to explain procedures and options, and WILL NOT operate or recommend surgery if it’s not absolutely in the best interest of the patient.

Bonus: Dr. Weinert takes CareCredit, which is a boon to those of us who no longer have insurance after ditching our corporate 9-5.”

- Laura M.

“I had been seeing another podiatrist for over a year for an ingrown toenail; however, every time I went in for a treatment I felt much pain to the point of almost passing out. Then I got a fungal infection on the same toe but tried treating it at home, as I didn’t want to return to that doctor again. I just assumed that “all” podiatrists caused you pain. How silly I learned that was! Well, my toe got very sore so I searched the Internet for the closest podiatrist to my home and Dr Weinert’s Troy office was the first to show up. Talk about an immediate answer. I called right away and made an appointment, still very concerned about the “probable” pain I would go through, but my toe needed attention right away. As soon as I entered the reception area, I thought I was in the wrong office because the atmosphere was so calming with the water fall, the coffee and the immediate attention from the staff, who by the way, were actually looking at me when they said “hello” and smiled. I thought again that I must be in the wrong place. When Dr Weinert said that he would have to remove my toenail, I tried to compose myself. If I felt previous pain just for an ingrown toenail, what must a removal of a nail be like? Much, much worse, I was sure. I must add that with both doctors I was given an injection of pain medication. I relaxed in the chair waiting for Dr Weinert to begin taking the nail off when he looked at me and said “all done”! I had to immediately look down at my toe in disbelief! But he was right and I felt nothing. Plus, he was still smiling. Now I was smiling. I have never had such a remarkable doctor’s visit as in this office. Every single time I come in, all the staff remember me and are extremely friendly. Dr Weinert later recommended some special inserts for my shoes so I had them ordered. A machine takes photos of your feet to get all the measurements exactly correct for your feet. I have a bad knee and so Dr Weinert suggested that the inserts would help my whole body to align more efficiently. And so now after 6 weeks of wearing them, I forgot my knee hurt. I just have one suggestion. Could Dr Weinert possibly clone himself into my other doctors as well, so that all my doctor appointments were pleasant, happy and pain free?”

- Susan Bixby

“I have been a patient of Dr. Weinerts for a while now and had the opportunity to take my son to his second location in Troy about a month ago. Wow! I was impressed. It was clean like his Warren office but had more of a relaxed spa feel in the waiting room with the waterfall and flat screen tv and coffee bar. The staff is really friendly and even asked me if it was ok to give my son a sucker. He loved it! Anyways, Dr. Weinert was so nice to my son and even showed him his private office full of all his sports stuff and pictures and my son was in heaven. Dr. Weinert is absolutely wonderful and wish my other doctors were like him. He is very personable and down to earth, but most importantly he is an excellent foot specialist as he helped both me and my son who were suffering with foot problems. We are both pain free now and enjoying life. I felt compelled to write a review as I hope it helps others looking for an excellent foot doctor in the area. Thank you Dr.W and staff for everything!”

- AJ Carlson

“I saw Dr. Weinert for the first time last week for severe heel pain after a lot of walking and outside chores over the last couple weeks. Out of nowhere I was barely able to walk and had a shooting pain through my foot and ankle. My doctor recommended I visit Dr. Weinert, saying he was the best in the area and that I’d be treated quickly- right on both counts. Dr. Weinert was easygoing and explained exactly what was happening with me and what my options were. Obviously I’m no expert in feet, but I can tell you that Dr. Weinert is likely the best foot doctor in Michigan, and certainly the only one I’ll be visiting.”

- Ben Wojdyla

“Today I was a new patient at Dr. Anthony Weinert facility. When I arrived in the office the receptionist greeted me and made me feel at home. The doctor was so patient and friendly and he answered all my questions I had for him. Also I love that for my foot condition he didn’t make surgery the first or only option. Dr. Weinert is the best doctor I have ever had!”

- Michelle Harper

“I had such a great experience and so impressed with Dr. Weinert and his staff. Dr. Weinert spent alot of time with me to educate me on my heel pain and was so personable. The staff was very welcoming & friendly. I will definitely tell all my friends & family about Dr. Weinert.”

- Tony A.

“I’ve never had such a wonderful experience at a doctors office before. Everybody is so friendly. I loved the bag of goodies that was given to me on my first visit.”

- Tina S.

“Office staff and Dr. Weinert were very friendly & personable. Office was very clean. Lved the coffee bar in the waiting room. Over all a wonderful experience!”

- Adriana B.

“The entire staff was freindly, courteous, knowledgeable. I was very happy with everyone. Dr. Weinert took the time to explain every aspect of what he was doing, was going to do, what needs to be done, etc. Answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed at all. I even received a “first time patient” welcoming gift, which I thought was wonderful.”

- Angela M.

“I was seen right away , doctor and staff seemed nice, took care of me and I was on my way”

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Anthony Weinert, DPM, FACFAS, FACCWS is a double board certified foot and ankle specialist with office locations in both Warren and Troy, Michigan. Dr. Weinert is a physician and surgeon of the foot and ankle who believes in providing his patients with the most state of the art treatments in a patient friendly environment. He believes in providing quality patient care and safety and was honored with being one of the first foot and ankle specialty centers in Michigan to receive accreditation by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) which is the gold standard in healthcare for providing patient care and safety.  He believes in the philosophy of patient education for their foot and ankle disorders and also believes to treat every patient the way he would like to be treated.

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