5 Tips To Protect Your Feet When Wearing Heels

heelsWe understand that you absolutely love your sexy high heels, so we won’t even try to influence you or hint around at the fact that you would be better off in your sneaker shoes.  What good is that nice sexy pair of patent leather stillettos if all you can do is look and admire them? Dr Anthony Weinert, a board certified foot specialist with office locations in Troy and Warren Michigan weighs in to help you with 5 important tips that you can protect your feet when wearing your sexy heels.

A survey which was conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) showed that 42% of women admitted that they would wear a shoe in which they liked even if it caused them pain and discomfort.  In addition, 73% of the women admitted already having a shoe related foot issue.  An interesting foot fact is that more than 43 million Americans have foot problems, which many of them are serious enough to warrant medical attention and care.  Dr Weinert states that your shoes should conform to the shape of your feet and your feet should never conform to the shape of the shoes your wearing.

Tip #1 – Proper fitting of high heels

Dr Weinert recommends that you go in person to the store and try on the heels as opposed to buying online.  Every high heel designer shoes run differently in size and fit.  Many pairs of high heels cause your feet to slide forward and leave a huge gap in the back where you can literally place your iphone behind the heel.  High heels that don’t fit properly cause the front of the foot to fly forward creating alot more pressure and pain on the toes.  You want to look for high heels with narrow heels with a snug but not too tight fit to correct this problem.

Tip #2 – Silicone metatarsal pads for shock absorption cushion

Dr Weinert states that cushion is key! You can invest in a full shoe gel insert to help if you are suffering with pain in the ball of your feet.  Another good tip if you will be standing in your heels for a long time you definitely need to invest in silicone metatarsal pads which you can purchase over the counter at any drug store. These silicone metatarsal pads, which look like flattened gummy bears do an excellent job of shock absorption especially to the balls of your feet.

Tip #3 – Pay close attention to “pitch” or “slope” of the heel

Dr Weinert prefers you look into heels that have a gradual slope instead of some of the 4 inch heels which give you a straight drop down to the flatbed portion of the shoe. The gradual slope will be alot easier on the arch and also decreases some of the pain in the ball of the foot as well as allow more stability.

Tip #4 – Thicker heel for stability

Dr Weinert recommends that you wear a thicker heel for stability.  A thicker heel will help to relieve some pressure by distributing the weight on your foot more evenly and will allow you better balance.  In addition, to help reduce problems with your achilles tendon such as tendonitis, Dr Weinert suggests you alternate heel heights.

Tip #5 – Open toe high heels

Dr Weinert also suggests you wear open toe high heels in order to relieve pressure on corns and calluses.  You need to correct the problem which is causing your corns and calluses and have them professionally removed.  In addition you should wear open toe shoes to take the pressure off the inflamed areas on the feet.

If you or your loved ones are suffering with foot pain you can contact Dr Weinerts office at 586-751-3338 (Warren) or 248-362-3338 (Troy) for an evaluation.  You can also visit his website atwww.stopfeetpainfast.com for additional information or to request a FREE copy of Dr Weinert’s book “Stop Feet Pain Fast – A User’s Guide to Foot & Ankle Health.”  Just click on the Book Request and your FREE copy of his book will be sent right out to you

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